Realm of Enchantment

Arizona-based Photography studio specializing in making you look Fantastic

Be the Fantasy

We spend our days playing roles: Employee, Parent, Sibling, Caretaker…

We put on our best face and meet the challenges of the day. Every day.

But that’s not our whole story. 

There’s depth beneath our surface… roles we rarely play:

The Flirt. The Intellect. The Sexy Badass. The Nerd. 

We don’t play them often, but those moments can make the rest.

Not a Boring Photo Studio

At Realm of Enchantment, we know how easy it is to “work hard” and never get around to the “play hard”. Let’s take a step to fix that. For many, the experience of modelling in a professional photoshoot is transformational and a lot of fun. It is our mission to first listen and understand your interests, and then create an experience where we capture those rarer sides of the whole you, whether in your favorite jeans, classy lingerie, or that costume that you’ve been working on for months.  From there, we take the photos from the shoot and use them to turn you…into a work of art.

No experience required in modelling, picking outfits, even doing hair/makeup… we will be working with you every step of the way to make the experience fun and enjoyable… and make you look good!


Let’s turn you into a work of Art.

Fine Art
(Coming soon)

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Getting Started

Whether you have questions, ideas for an awesome photoshoot, or want to get started with booking, send us a message!

(I promise, we’re nice)